Lovely Classmate – Light Skin Butterfly

Everything – I mean everything about you and this moment right-now is beautifully awful to me

I should have said this in person – I mean – I wanted to speak this out-loud but after class – you walk too fast speedily away – like you have magical feet

You keep passing me by and I’m just not sure what to say -except “Hello/Goodbye” – but trust me I want to tell you more – like damn you’re so beautiful

There you are standing – seating – walking twice weekly – smiling – focused on the lesson of weather or not

Usually talking – learning – raising your hand like me – looking like sunrise of this brand new year – I was amazed at for sight

Reserved – I’m often reserved counting my breaths looking over my left/right shoulder – hoping to catch a glimpse of you or simply make to eye contact

Hoping to muster the right words or the proper line to speak – anything but “Hello/Goodbye”

I don’t know – I just wonder if your left hand is empty and if so – for how long – whomever he is – he’s a lucky man

Gorgeous you are is what I need or what I want to say – but what if it’s received as an improper notion – are you single?

So, I figure I’d learn sign language to sign the phrase “you’re beautifully – intriguing to me” in order to impress you cleverly and earn just one simple smile

Hello again, light skin golden brown butterfly with amazing eyes shinning – I heard you work at Grady

Well I’m you’re biggest fan – plus I’m interested in bringing single rose to every class – respectfully

Love, I know you’re good-looking but I hope that you’re character comes close to matching your physical attributes because in the end the spirit and heart is all that matters

“Hello again” please allow me to reintroduce myself – my name is Marlou Crenshaw and I’m all about Gentlemen Honor’s

Now please tell me – what is your name – because I need to know you and I want remember you name the next time I pen poetry


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