Rogue Chess

Her gentle kisses led to the swivel hips movement. I matched her investment with my grind motion that was inspired by the licking of her honey coated lips – it was so much moisture.

Could she be haunted by old memories again? He failed and he lied leaving expectations to remain bleak and cumbersome.

Might this be the reason why she takes on all contenders and makes all men run through the gauntlet to earn her passion?

As for me she adds extra motivation to the essence while blending chaos and intimacy into a teasing method for an visible erection.

I’m cleared for landing with a unique purposeful tactic to make love lustful. That’s why I approached this intimate encounter with a rogue chess strategy. The moment she entered the room – love created a counter combination to protect herself from any southpaw stands.


Randomized Poet

I’m not sure if it’s the love psyche of me or the sarcasm you spoke guarded like a defense mechanism that draws me closer – to you.

Maybe it’s the black and white photo beautified – like a glam shot in the spirit of Gordon Parks that sparks my interests – I dunno.

Lovely Red Lips post “hello” and I just hope we never say “goodbye”.

So… “Hello again” my name is – Cool – well right now it doesn’t matter.

What’s the language of your heart? Are you bilingual – maybe Hebrew, Creole or slang grammar? I’m hip either way – as long as the lingo match your actions – I promise – I’m square.

Your eyes say trust me but your tongue vibrates words like “ninja keep your hands off – I don’t know you like that bro…”

Damn I was just trying to remove the lent from your shoulder. Maybe later I’ll even massage your feet because you’ve worked hard today – and I’m here to take that pain away…

She feels me…

Sudden she closed the book of poems and never understood the meaning of my words…

You see she was trapped in between the tables of content and confusion of the first page.

Several metaphorical phrase displayed the idea of road rage but she rather I spoke the piece in a theater presence – describing the situation in details.

So… I created this visual picture with arms (you know…?) waving them from right to left and left to right.

…with sweat dripping my veins throbbed to the rythym of lives changing as she listen as I explored my emotions because – Yo I was emotional…

Seven minutes ago I introduced myself as a poet’s poet – willing to explore beyond this conversation.

I touched her heart. I held hand and I kissed your thoughts…

She fell in love as we began to make love. Afterwards, I asked her what were her thoughts on my work.

She spoke intimately – humbly saying… Baby it was so…passionate.