Randomized Poet

I’m not sure if it’s the love psyche of me or the sarcasm you spoke guarded like a defense mechanism that draws me closer – to you.

Maybe it’s the black and white photo beautified – like a glam shot in the spirit of Gordon Parks that sparks my interests – I dunno.

Lovely Red Lips post “hello” and I just hope we never say “goodbye”.

So… “Hello again” my name is – Cool – well right now it doesn’t matter.

What’s the language of your heart? Are you bilingual – maybe Hebrew, Creole or slang grammar? I’m hip either way – as long as the lingo match your actions – I promise – I’m square.

Your eyes say trust me but your tongue vibrates words like “ninja keep your hands off – I don’t know you like that bro…”

Damn I was just trying to remove the lent from your shoulder. Maybe later I’ll even massage your feet because you’ve worked hard today – and I’m here to take that pain away…


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