She feels me…

Sudden she closed the book of poems and never understood the meaning of my words…

You see she was trapped in between the tables of content and confusion of the first page.

Several metaphorical phrase displayed the idea of road rage but she rather I spoke the piece in a theater presence – describing the situation in details.

So… I created this visual picture with arms (you know…?) waving them from right to left and left to right.

…with sweat dripping my veins throbbed to the rythym of lives changing as she listen as I explored my emotions because – Yo I was emotional…

Seven minutes ago I introduced myself as a poet’s poet – willing to explore beyond this conversation.

I touched her heart. I held hand and I kissed your thoughts…

She fell in love as we began to make love. Afterwards, I asked her what were her thoughts on my work.

She spoke intimately – humbly saying… Baby it was so…passionate.


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