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Growing in every area of my life and smiling very hard... See, I am smiling...!!! I am single father of two kids Imani and DJ. I am currently a full-time student at GSU and a full-time RF Engineer at Encompass Digital Media . My hobbies are spending quality time with my kids and making instrument beats using Ableton Live / Native Instruments Maschine / Akai MPC Renaissance. My hobbies are poetry, creating independent film and making Marlouism Music.

Rogue Chess

Her gentle kisses led to the swivel hips movement. I matched her investment with my grind motion that was inspired by the licking of her honey coated lips – it was so much moisture.

Could she be haunted by old memories again? He failed and he lied leaving expectations to remain bleak and cumbersome.

Might this be the reason why she takes on all contenders and makes all men run through the gauntlet to earn her passion?

As for me she adds extra motivation to the essence while blending chaos and intimacy into a teasing method for an visible erection.

I’m cleared for landing with a unique purposeful tactic to make love lustful. That’s why I approached this intimate encounter with a rogue chess strategy. The moment she entered the room – love created a counter combination to protect herself from any southpaw stands.


Randomized Poet

I’m not sure if it’s the love psyche of me or the sarcasm you spoke guarded like a defense mechanism that draws me closer – to you.

Maybe it’s the black and white photo beautified – like a glam shot in the spirit of Gordon Parks that sparks my interests – I dunno.

Lovely Red Lips post “hello” and I just hope we never say “goodbye”.

So… “Hello again” my name is – Cool – well right now it doesn’t matter.

What’s the language of your heart? Are you bilingual – maybe Hebrew, Creole or slang grammar? I’m hip either way – as long as the lingo match your actions – I promise – I’m square.

Your eyes say trust me but your tongue vibrates words like “ninja keep your hands off – I don’t know you like that bro…”

Damn I was just trying to remove the lent from your shoulder. Maybe later I’ll even massage your feet because you’ve worked hard today – and I’m here to take that pain away…

She feels me…

Sudden she closed the book of poems and never understood the meaning of my words…

You see she was trapped in between the tables of content and confusion of the first page.

Several metaphorical phrase displayed the idea of road rage but she rather I spoke the piece in a theater presence – describing the situation in details.

So… I created this visual picture with arms (you know…?) waving them from right to left and left to right.

…with sweat dripping my veins throbbed to the rythym of lives changing as she listen as I explored my emotions because – Yo I was emotional…

Seven minutes ago I introduced myself as a poet’s poet – willing to explore beyond this conversation.

I touched her heart. I held hand and I kissed your thoughts…

She fell in love as we began to make love. Afterwards, I asked her what were her thoughts on my work.

She spoke intimately – humbly saying… Baby it was so…passionate.

Poem: What’s Valuable More Than Time

What’s your time budget…???
I’ll you see soon but – right now I’m making moves omni directional

You always looking fly like a butterfly all beautiful – sexy – young fine – built for loving

Hello neighbor I’m back on my true time and your Mission impossible – possible hence

Eye contact behind shades – damn – Wonder Woman jewels on urban wrist just shining near

Your new tattoo in my favorite language – always toujours but damn your finest has always been torturous

Every time – every moment you slip away – I’m like not again – don’t turn to him Or them no hell naw not again…

So… What’s your time budget…??? Bc I’m here waiting with a strong wing span just soaring through life and time.

Waiting for You to join me………….. This time.

Poem: Over Cum Me…

Fruition – harsh whispers telling me that you’re finish with reading my poetry – ok then over cum me

You’re too personal babe and personally I think it’s all about me – I mean what are really trying to say

Nothing lover – it’s just poetry

How do you write from a third person’s perspective like most writers do – without being personal – come on now honestly

Again it’s poetry and it’s my creative outlet – like my words are… Inspired from every angle

Love, maybe your psyche is twisted with insecurities influenced by your past logics that interpret my words as being miseducated

Say No…? Say Not – Say What? Ok then over cum me

I dreamt of honest convos lustful behaviors for several years and that’s not misguided but babe fear not – fret never – ok quit

I welcome chats – only facts though – instead of being lost in the dance called the sugar foot blues – just let me go

You’re on this one moment now turning and then rotating to the sonic waves of my theme song

However in the end it’s just two unbalanced energies – you know like when molecules approach closer unstable but still closer versus further and farther

I mean there must be some sort of science to this connect or our theories are just a wreck and just too messing for Monday’s

Whatever just let me go and allow the connection between us to depart ways – it’s too early this mornings – you’ve been think all night – right…???

If not we’re just blocking the sun rays shine from its goal of spreading warmth – some call these clouds by other names and there different types of clouds – you know…???

Fruition – destiny meant it’s action – it’s words too and some words we cannot ever be take back

Maybe you’re intentions were to spark my emotions – Bc you thought I was emotionless and maybe at times it’s true

Conclusions are it has back fired – towards us – so now let’s walk away before none peace more war becomes our normalcy

I request freedom for you and me – over cum me and give me free…

Poem 8

The open book of Marlou Le Cool – you know – I spit line for lines – sometimes even some subtle dancing – two stepping into my random thoughts…

I keep advancing forward but her mind – she’s lost in the world of scented candles – so far the light reflects motion of an urban romance.

The subliminal signs – naw I talking intimate bilingual grind – I’m reading her body lingo – she’s wants to be communicated – If not now but then later when I’ve graduated.

Her box needs the number nine and a glass of wine – we both loves love – lasting 69 – like it’s the pro era – I mean the last time since forever – whenever – never.

That’s deep – figured I walk against the traffic of fears then pull hair until her invisible moans reappear – I repeat she’s often tense.

Disappearing like the moon does XO – moreover – cum again – you channel my name Douglas – but love I’d rather be called King Marlou…

I’m royalty from Bethany Street around the corner from Veteran’s Memorial – that’s the north side of thangs and my state of mind.

Hence the lost culture – a forgiven gem – like steady Eddie Eddie – Eddie rocks. I remember – I still can hear the sounds of train in my dreams – sonically beautifully ugly… It just the random thoughts of a poet…

Lovely Classmate – Light Skin Butterfly

Everything – I mean everything about you and this moment right-now is beautifully awful to me

I should have said this in person – I mean – I wanted to speak this out-loud but after class – you walk too fast speedily away – like you have magical feet

You keep passing me by and I’m just not sure what to say -except “Hello/Goodbye” – but trust me I want to tell you more – like damn you’re so beautiful

There you are standing – seating – walking twice weekly – smiling – focused on the lesson of weather or not

Usually talking – learning – raising your hand like me – looking like sunrise of this brand new year – I was amazed at for sight

Reserved – I’m often reserved counting my breaths looking over my left/right shoulder – hoping to catch a glimpse of you or simply make to eye contact

Hoping to muster the right words or the proper line to speak – anything but “Hello/Goodbye”

I don’t know – I just wonder if your left hand is empty and if so – for how long – whomever he is – he’s a lucky man

Gorgeous you are is what I need or what I want to say – but what if it’s received as an improper notion – are you single?

So, I figure I’d learn sign language to sign the phrase “you’re beautifully – intriguing to me” in order to impress you cleverly and earn just one simple smile

Hello again, light skin golden brown butterfly with amazing eyes shinning – I heard you work at Grady

Well I’m you’re biggest fan – plus I’m interested in bringing single rose to every class – respectfully

Love, I know you’re good-looking but I hope that you’re character comes close to matching your physical attributes because in the end the spirit and heart is all that matters

“Hello again” please allow me to reintroduce myself – my name is Marlou Crenshaw and I’m all about Gentlemen Honor’s

Now please tell me – what is your name – because I need to know you and I want remember you name the next time I pen poetry