Poem Freestyle 2.

Slipping on ice – flat surfing summertime heat waves with Vernacular slain victims rising up again for revenge against me

High flights then disappearing my low hats titling at phillies walking by with Colorful assets profiting No panties gone with animal prints creeping inward

Mobile hair salon with black aprons causing traffic jams her mean steps back Damn lovers got scents green Apple Vicki secrets are no more secrets too many loud sounds

Brain storms ideas imaginary
Freestyle collective memorized rhymes dancing nude in front of open windows banging Boom Bap Rap flows

But she prefers trap crunk music metaphors one gold tooth and bullet scars on her back like Glory video reference for fame I just pay attention to her hip hop

Look but please don’t look and stare at her lovely ass – money maker bouncing out of Chevy doors candy colors ghetto no further farther beyond blackness – what’s the true meaning of this poetry

Creaming foams loving I penetrate her with my ego charge it to the community cummune commons vine city craft work methods are dissing me for being different in thinking

She need my nerdy verbs actions actually haters got I got handsome gifts she been biting me – hey chill lady – Chow Bella beautiful love lips I kissed them first

I’m the Erection that lasted never soft grinding for bouts hourly until her face wrinkles saying please cummune with me Marlou…


Poem freestyle 1.

Blank notepad with thousands of words rushing through my left hand but I’m the right side for the confusing convention eventful low melodies Bc recently I visited the chemical warehouse of the passionate intimate thus the last sunrise the beginnings of the XO – in order to live again so I trust the wind but then lie to the ground. Slow smiles disrespect fusing aleck swallowing the limitless pill then-started thinking above – go figure I’m lost on the panic of pacific times – while here in Georgia. Alright back to this analysis paper – homework.

Random Poem #1

Computer lover……….
your so damn lovable – come close.

Where have you been??? No where – King…

Where have you been??? I’m still here Queen…

The weather changing – I’m seeing snow flakes in Atlanta – falling and then they disappear…

Missing your morning loving – like it marinates throughout nights.

Next day – Saturday – I catch them flights to the Villa…

Special love songs – we dancing on them strange moons – moans sounds to the ceiling – what a feeling…!?!?

You made me betray the sun – until geo-space turned loom.

Running fast towards your energy – I’ll be there soon…

I’m living single – I mingle – tickle – but not a lot within this beauty mind but behind yours lies the sleeping beast – some like a freak.

Do the math – paragraphs – distance love – got me traveling for your wet kisses and perfume hugs – stretch arms Bc I needing this love.

Water splash – wakes me up baby – you do something to me – especially when my tongue meet you at the bottom of the letter “V”…

Up groves and down moves to the beat – mic check 1 – 2…

I’m here for pleasure – why you only want this pain…

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