Poem: Over Cum Me…

Fruition – harsh whispers telling me that you’re finish with reading my poetry – ok then over cum me

You’re too personal babe and personally I think it’s all about me – I mean what are really trying to say

Nothing lover – it’s just poetry

How do you write from a third person’s perspective like most writers do – without being personal – come on now honestly

Again it’s poetry and it’s my creative outlet – like my words are… Inspired from every angle

Love, maybe your psyche is twisted with insecurities influenced by your past logics that interpret my words as being miseducated

Say No…? Say Not – Say What? Ok then over cum me

I dreamt of honest convos lustful behaviors for several years and that’s not misguided but babe fear not – fret never – ok quit

I welcome chats – only facts though – instead of being lost in the dance called the sugar foot blues – just let me go

You’re on this one moment now turning and then rotating to the sonic waves of my theme song

However in the end it’s just two unbalanced energies – you know like when molecules approach closer unstable but still closer versus further and farther

I mean there must be some sort of science to this connect or our theories are just a wreck and just too messing for Monday’s

Whatever just let me go and allow the connection between us to depart ways – it’s too early this mornings – you’ve been think all night – right…???

If not we’re just blocking the sun rays shine from its goal of spreading warmth – some call these clouds by other names and there different types of clouds – you know…???

Fruition – destiny meant it’s action – it’s words too and some words we cannot ever be take back

Maybe you’re intentions were to spark my emotions – Bc you thought I was emotionless and maybe at times it’s true

Conclusions are it has back fired – towards us – so now let’s walk away before none peace more war becomes our normalcy

I request freedom for you and me – over cum me and give me free…


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